Friday night

This is the first week that the German students has been in here. We went to happy hour. My last time drinking maybe the cell bio retreat? I’m really not good at it. I took one beer, and I seriously already drunk.

We went to the steak hour with Jin and Sining together, gosh, it’s expensive $25, and gave Jin $1.5 quarters, and also movie $9.5. I guess tomorrow after I get up, I’ll go return the shoes to Marshalls, I spent too much money this money. And I also need to go to Apple to buy the computer for mom. Seriously, is it because it’s expensive that I feel uneasy, or I just worry that mom won’t like expensive things?

My lab meeting is coming up, I guess I need to work. Will go back home next week.

> The past week, has been feeling really tired, sleep for long hours. Time past by really quick. And then I ate a lot, non-stop. I stopped the pills this month.

nip sense past two days.


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