1st day of shadowing

today is my first day of shadowing. Its really an eye opening experience. I guess the doctors are also with high qualities. I hold a low expectation initially because doctors coming in late, no one briefing to me etc. I guess that’s how doctors work – expecting that u will know it, or u suppose to know it, doesn’t care what happen in between, in the end everything need to sound grand.

Saw multiple patients with muscle dystrophy, some has mutation in genes, I think that kid with mutations in two genes is interesting, but need to listen to the recording again to hear it. And Dr. Darras decided to let me do SCA3 in the end, it is very nice.

I haven’t talk to Andre for the 8th day.. I’m holding on to my pride, without hope, then hurt less I guess. I don’t know. Talked to Jin-Min today, she’s actually getting marry soon, I’m so happy for her. She is such a good, nice girl. I like her a lot. So bad that I couldn’t find a construct with HA or Myc tag for her :(. Will ask Chang tomorrow. Hope he has that.

Need to point out that whole last week has consitipi. Has in and no out. And crazy amount of in. This is bad. Hope will recover soon.

Today also took pictures of BiNi serious with microscopy, nice. Fixed with 3.2% in the end. Hope still fine.



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