NYC for CNY 2014

I’m going back home for CNY this year, because I wasn’t here for Christmas. Thanks a lot to Christian who will take care of my cell cultures.

Last night S* and I were discussing about love. She broke down love to the smallest point, as connection between people. I found it weird actually. I wouldn’t think about the world too much, and I wouldn’t think about each emotions too much, or even try to define them. I will just walk my life. But I can tell that it’s because of this analytical thinking of hers, which make her a better scientist. I’ll learn this part to apply to my career.

Shisha party. Why should I care. I deactivated my facebook multiple times today. I hate to get back to this. I’m childish, ain’t I. Doing this to see if I can capture some attention? I’m hoping that by doing this, I’ll start a new life again, just free myself, and let myself go. “Don’t like the idea of smoking”, “Don’t smoke that much”. I know I’m straight. Every sentence would mean, absolutely won’t happen, to me. I honestly go crazy everytime when he went out before. I guess I should put an end to this. Let myself go. This is the best way to protect myself.

See mom and dad today, gave mom the MBP, she’s happy. Dad, I guess happy, but expensive. Also, another point is that, I just neglected them. Which is true. Seeing home getting better, changed all the curtain. This is so nice, but I never helped. I’m so bad. I’m such a bad daughter. I’m only willing to give out money, but not effort.

Mom is treating me very well. In fact, both of my parents spoiled me so much. It is actually this role I wanted to play the whole life. A person (hopefully including families), that i can devote my whole life’s love to care for them. I’m really looking forward to find that person in life. I hope I can find one.


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