Shopping last night

Yesterday, didn’t do much. Hang out with dad, then watch dramas, then mom came back, and we went out to DSW and Macy’s to shop. Mom and I picked a BCBG no heels boot for me. Unfortunately, both of doesn’t doesn’t have ID around, so we can’t have Macy’s discount. Before I slept, I watched that current Korean dramas “My Love from the other star”, it’s a great one, I liked it!

We need messed around with the new computer for the night from 9:30 to almost 11:00a.m. I think I made her even more confused :(. I’m such a computer idiot. Need to figure out how to facetime from both computer. And having chinese on hers actually makes life much harder for me. Anyway…

Today, I kinda get up on time, but I was preparing to leave, walk around, so I am late to the DMV express office. People are working really slowly. I have 615, but waited for 1.5 hours? And that lazy was chatting while handling the case, super annoying. And she asked me to read the eye exam line twice. And she also ask me where my ID is after I handed my ID to her. I just don’t understand these people.

And then, since I’m already on 34th street, I actually took the shoes that we bought from yesterday to Macy, and be able to charge it onto my Macy’s card with 20% discount. $15 less, nice! Was embarrassing a bit onsite, but whatever! 🙂

Tomorrow will visit Rockefeller. Yesterday night, seems like Andre asked the guys if I closed my fb account, it was sweet for a moment, but then, I really don’t know. We’ll see.


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