Wanting to blog on fb, but decided not.

d年黎, 感覺好似只見到世間上的醜惡.
今天那些充滿關懷的說話, 真係好感動.
不過回望, 如果沒有身邊兩個貴人, 日子應該更難捱.
算好好彩了, 至今, 已給我遇上三位好好的mentor.
真不敢想像沒有她, 他, 或他, 的日子.
真係會咩都做唔到, 咩都學唔到. 原地踏步….
Christian offers today if I needed, we can talk to Wade together, three of us. And he told me the protein quantification with Biotin.
Thanks Christian, for being so patient with me all time.
Today, went out for dinner with Sining and her labmate, Epthotopia place at Sympony, I won’t pay for so much tips if I were them. IT’s 14 total. They are really nice and close. Somehow, other than Jin-Min, people sounded really desperate to find me a boyfriend. It’s not like I don’t enjoy that feeling. Just somehow…I don’t feel like I’m ready for anything at the moment.

I sent out slides to Dan today, but he hasn’t reply yet. Not even downloaded the powerpoint. I’m really anxious, given that I don’t have any interactions with him. Did I out a blog on this? I spent 700 wrong on ordering too much RTase, I really should have talked to Christian first. But everything when Suzanne is rushing with Invitrogen, I got nervous and will just order whatever needed first. I hated this. I hated her.

The dolphin arrived, but it’s much smaller than I expected. I don’t think it can last even for the shortest time recommended 9-13 hours. It’s super dirty, wondering if it’s even new. But at least it’s working. Hope last long.


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