These days, I’m really really unhappy. Experiments not working. And yesterday, I was giving Miguel a mad face. And they don’t ask me if I want to join for St Patrick’s Day dinner, or lunch today. Fine….I’ll just ignore them. To be honest, even I was dating with Andre before, it had been like this. And I over heard that they are fbing with Andre without me, all those. Fine.

I think it’s time for me to not contacting with Andre at all. If things aren’t going to happen…honestly, why should I still put time and effort into it. Let’s block fb again tonight.

I know I’m really introverted. To be honest, I don’t want to talk with S*g at all. I want to be home and stay by myself. It’s really sad though. From birth to now, I never really have any friends. I was at the clinic on Monday, I saw this weird girl, under-develope in terms of breast and weird. I might be more normal than she is, but she seems to be happy in her own world. Which is nice. but…me… I am never happy. For those who are not happy about work, at least they have a family. I don’t know, I’m getting old, and to be honest, I don’t see how that would even happen to me. Can I even have babies, given this stupid yima.

My thinking is really dark. I always think, if mom and dad left..if brother not around. I don’t see a reason to be here, really don’t.

Okay, let’s block fb. Let see how long I can keep it close on this computer.

My phone is really dying, the battery only last for half a day without even using.


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