a non-lab weekend, happy mothers day, mom!

yima basically ends on May 11th (sun).

I haven’t type a diary for long. Mostly before, I’ve been concentrated a lot with lab works, and then life has been disrupted quite a bit with the GMO talk. I didn’t do well, Steph is much a better speaker than me, and I always couldn’t answer questions well, I guess it is because I haven’t do much research. Sigh… For almost everything, I’m always “half bucket water”, really need to work on this habit.

Other than that, I also busy with multiple appointements. I finally started physical threapy, although not that hardworking on that. The first two appointments really helps, but then I haven’t practice, kinda out of shape, the last one hurts more. For some reasons, they have a lot of hot assistants in that clilnic.

I also try out contact lenes now. The lenses always make me kinda dry, actually my eyes got pretty dry out. Other than that, my vision also not very clear, It is my third or forth day wearing it, my eyes feel a lot more coordinated now, but still vision is not full.

Mom just called and got disrupted. I’m so impatient everything when they are asking for help, I’m sure a bad daughter.

Today, suddenly remember us talking about Sizun and how Kevin mentioned about him talking and commenting a lot about people about their back. I kinda worried about what he said about me, which I can kinda imagine. Introvert, not smart etc… but never mind, I don’t care too much about how he thinks of me anyway. He is a very smart guy, but too smart for me anyway. But maybe I should keep more feelings to myself and only talk about good things about others. I guess as you get older, all the politics matters a lot more. So be careful.

Today morning went to Aboretum with Kevin, the couple and wingchi, and then eat at LaoSizun, and then, Frozyo at mixx, and then lastly movie. I always watched a lot of episodes lately. I guess I also got kinda un-motivated. Need to add oil and work harder starting again next week. Also write up a lot of different things.

Things to do:::

  • FACS/flowjo
  • reply FACS email
  • staining results
  • transfection with PEI to make virus
  • typing up personal statments and proposal for F31
  • RNA for qPCR
  • gDNA
  • ppt for Dan

Sat, went shopping bought new pairs of sport shoes. Sun lunch, frozyo, movie


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