Wake up, it never carries on.

I guess, that is over. There are a lot of people that you see, you meet everyday, but you hate them so much.

I’ve living in this bubble, thinking that, oh he is coming back. “Hope” is actually the scariest thing you can have in life. It can make you super happy, but it can also drop you down to the bottom of the world in one second.

To be honest, when he says roommate, I’m pretty happy, oh…he is still thinking about it. But then, all because she asked, and I knew that she doesn’t want him… his reply makes it certain that he will stay somewhere else.

You are lonely and you are alone, why do you need to make others to be like this tgt with you?

You want to go to UK, you want to do better, then why don’t you work harder? I just hate.

I’m stress too, I want someone too, I want to stay alone too.

Who celebrate my bday? Who pay for my brithday. I just hate, hate and hate all these so much. All the sudden. Don’t you think my life is not sad enough. I hate, I hate, I hate. If anything happened, I’ll live alone.

Only money matters…

Today, I really hate.


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