Independence day

Thank you parents, without you guys… I guess I will me much lonelier.

It’s been a year. Tomorrow last year, I and Andre sort of get together… I guess the relationship hasn’t really hold forever. It’s nice to be with someone, but in the end, I wanted more, which is impossible. I guess I’m extremely picky… I wanted someone to treat me like a princess, take care of me, help me, encourage me for every single moment… but I guess that’s impossible.

I have a really sad life. Primary school, I don’t get any friends. Secondary school, I squeezed into other people’s friend group. I guess in college, I’m lucky to have Nancy and Remy. No friends at work. And now graduate school, do I have any real friends?

I always being left behind. But I’m not strong enough myself to stand alone…

There are a lot of things that I wanted to do. Visiting places as a couple in college, going on a trip with friends, going to places with friends. I just don’t like to be the person organizing it. haha… I have no friends, so work harder to stay alone, I guess.

Because of the hurrican, they move the fireworks up a night ahead. I heard it, I’m watching mannficent at home, okay for kids I think. It’s lucky that the big storm comes in right after the fireworks, lucky. I peeked a little from the extended window of the other room. So, count as already seen it this year. No one invited me, and I’m lazy to find someone…so.. it’s good enough. Just stay strong.

Tomorrow, finish working with the slides, probably in TMEC. Add oil, stay alone, and things will be fine. If finished early, then go to china town to get some grocery?

Hopefully, after next week, do your best again!!! Be nice to family. Forget about the past.Be emotionally stable. Be happy, you can still be happy alone. Last summer you ran on your own, you are happy, aggressive. Go swim with Pinar, learn swimming. Then Swim alone, stay healthy. Save money…be happy.


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