– cell lysates, hypotonic solution lysis
– do Ub-VS experiment
– run gel, transfer, blot O/N
— run USP14 IP#7 lysates, transfer, blot alpha 7 O/N

– extract DNA from D1R-YFP, transform O/N
– autoclave any new media?

– dissociates EBs, and plate all of them (dissoc. well!!!)
– split two lines 9X 150mm.
– coat plates for cortical neurons 60mm x 8 and 24 well plate coverglass

– heart case!!! send out email
– email out DAC proposal.

– change to secondary for lab meeting
– develop after lab meeting

– pick colonies, do a start culture early in the morning be4 lab meeting, transfer to maxi culture at night.

– beg for neurons, plate neurons.

– maxi-prep. transfection if kit is around

– prepare for USP14 IP#8 – base on Western result, need to increase materials for IP???

– do a Ub-VS assay depending on result.

– add on agonist and do ICC? Talk to analysing core?

– ICC in the morning
– lunch with Pinar?

– Send Dan my DAC presentation
– do HBTM 235 homeworks, prepare for tutorial session.


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