somehows…it annoys me

Miguel and Anthony are talking about Andre from time to time…which i guess on one hand I wanted to know, but on the other hand also makes me feel a bit annoyed.

Mostly because, why don’t I know about this?

And figuring out the why, or knowing about the why complicates my feelings.

Miguel said, he didn’t go anywhere but visited some friends only one night.
And he cooked last night, curry? I don’t know what he cooked…

we were also chatting a bit last night too, he would say, maybe he will join my at library.. then he will say, maybe, then probably not because of experiment.

He can tell me that he already went home, but won’t you just say, I’ll cook tonight.

I don’t know what I am, who I am and what I want…

Sining is interpreting his sentence, after the new apartment, but… ya, when she pointed out, maybe I have a smile, but when thinking more, I guess. there is nothing to it.

I have no idea where he apply to live, what he did etc…

every bits about life is not minor, every thing can be interesting, if you can, and if I’m interested in you. but not at all the otherwise.

I’m even nervous about the dinner, even if it will happen…
what are we going to talk about? I don’t know..
Why am I so lack of things to talk about with people, and why people lost interest in me gradually.


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