Yesterday night…

yesterday was a really awkward night. I don’t know.

taking recruits to Dan’s home, not sure if I’ll get a refund on that. We waited for like less than 30 minutes, but there is no 39, so we got onto a taxi. paid 3 dollars tips, are you crazy… I hated when people do that, it’s not your credit card, and you used it to pay so much tips, it’s like 30% geezz…

one girl is very opinionated, talkative.. just makes me think how people think about me as a candidate.

Andrew seems pretty close with Andrew, he is a very nice guy, seriously…but the fact that he is leaving biggest problem. Dated with Alicia before, big problem. JQ’s close friend…big problem…filled with curiosity but not much to do…

-awkward moment: I don’t understand a lot of the conversation, nor that I have the energy…just fell right’s strange, it’s been like that for the longeset time, science-wise, regular conversation wise

-after dinner, wanted to leave with him, but then I took the bag and stuff in and went back, weird, stayed knowing that he stay.

-don’t know there is a bell at Dan’s home.

-stayed with him at the reception place.

Anyway, he is nice, first deciding to go to 39 with me, although that didn’t happen. Then take the T to cambridge, and then take the T back to central with me. doesn’t need to do that…nice person.

anyway, everything is timing, timing and timing…

sent a message at night in the end, didn’t add as friend tho, but let it be it then.
He was mentioning about Andre, but haha…took me soooo long to think that it’s him…I guess I’m moving on..but it’s time. I should do that.

Just want to fix my stupidity…seriously

I think it’s not like I’m belitting myself, but…I just being like a not good enough person…
Need to get more motivations to change myself…develope new hobbies etc….

“gerogechurch tek talk”
“sebastian tek talk”
Darcy case

“””what do you learn from it???” connectome, innteractome, genome, brain bow”

gas law, patriots


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